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Terms of Service: Introduction: Explain who your company is and what services you provide. State the purpose of the terms of service. Acceptance of Terms: Explain that by using your services, clients agree to abide by these terms. Specify how clients can accept the terms (e.g., by clicking a button). Services Offered: Provide an overview of the services your studio offers. Payment Terms: Detail how and when clients should make payments. Include any late payment policies. Intellectual Property: Clarify ownership of intellectual property rights for the games and assets produced. Include any licensing agreements if necessary. Confidentiality: Outline the responsibilities of both parties in protecting confidential information. Delivery and Timelines: Specify project timelines and delivery expectations. Include provisions for delays and revisions. Cancellation and Refunds: Explain the process for canceling projects and any refund policies. Dispute Resolution: Describe how disputes will be resolved, whether through arbitration, mediation, or other means. Termination: Explain the conditions under which either party can terminate the agreement. Limitation of Liability: Define the extent of your studio's liability in case of any issues. Governing Law: Specify the jurisdiction and laws that will govern the agreement. Changes to Terms: Explain how and when you can update the terms of service. Contact Information: Provide contact details for your studio and how clients can reach you for support or inquiries.